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Interview: Katharine Everhart Paull ’62

“In the years of 1958-62 most students had homes in Pennsylvania or states bordering it. Although I came from the Tidewater area of Virginia, I had roots in the Harrisburg area of Central Pennsylvania, where my parents had grown up. My father’s father and my mother both had graduated from Dickinson and now my granddaughter is also a Dickinson graduate. During my years there, male students outnumbered females 3 to 1, most professors were male, and much social life revolved around 10 fraternities and 4 sororities. Since career paths were limited for women, my English major, of course, led to teaching English in Secondary School, which I eventually embraced.” —Katharine Everhart Paull ’62

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Interview: Cherie L. Snyder ’72

“The Dickinson experience has been transformative for three generations of my family. As a result of our time on campus, we are committed to supporting an education that can be usefully applied toward resolving the most pressing challenges of our times and alleviating the suffering of those in society who are the most vulnerable. We also believe that meaningful education (and indeed a meaningful life) is one grounded in relationships. From the years at Dickinson have come our closest friends and mentors.” —Cherie Snyder ’72

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