The Old West Society

Ensuring Dickinson's Long-Term Success

Named for Dickinson’s most historic building and most powerful symbol, the Old West Society is made up of some of Dickinson’s most dedicated donors. Donor who turned their estate planning into impact planning, establishing a permanent legacy at Dickinson in support of our students.

Since the college’s founding, this inspired society of philanthropists has supported Dickinson’s mission of educating tomorrow’s leaders, problem solvers and engaged citizens through a useful education in the liberal arts.

Who Can Join?

To put it simply, anyone can join the Old West Society. Every Dickinsonian, at every income level, has the ability to become a member simply by confirming an estate gift to Dickinson. And you’d be surprised by the wide range who do.

Old West Society Members are:

  • the graduate from the late 1960s who still goes to the Milton for Hot-Chee Dogs on every visit and established a scholarship fund through his will
  • the alumna from the 1970s who made a special gift during her reunion that will supplement her income during retirement
  • the new parents who make sure that Dickinson is included in their plan for their family’s future by providing support through their retirement accounts
  • the retired golf enthusiast who uses a charitable gift annuity to make an endowed gift supporting the history department
  • and the young professional who graduated five years ago, still hits the Gingerbread Man when he’s back in Carlisle and makes a bigger gift to the college than he thought he ever could by naming Dickinson as a beneficiary in his life insurance to support our greatest needs

How Do You Join?

It’s a lot easier than you think to join the Old West Society while planning for your future and your family’s—and you know that’s something you’ve been meaning to do. All you have to do to become a member is notify us of your intent to include Dickinson in your estate plans.

There are many planned gifts that won’t affect your existing financial resources but will have a significant impact on Dickinson. Give to the institution you care so much about while maintaining control and flexibility.

Types of Planned Gifts

Retirement Assets: A gift of your retirement assets, such as an employee retirement plan, IRA or tax-sheltered annuity, is an excellent way to make a gift. A gift of these assets can shield your heirs from taxes while funding Dickinson’s future.

Life Insurance: Life insurance is a valuable asset for making a charitable gift under specific circumstances. A gift can be made without diminishing other investments or assets earmarked for family members.

Real Estate: A gift of real estate allows you to preserve your cash assets, receive tax and income advantages and make a significant charitable gift to Dickinson.

Personal Property: A gift of valuable artworks, coins, antiques or other personal property can be an excellent way to support Dickinson.

Gifts Through Your Will

There are many ways to make a gift through your will—also known as a bequest.

Specific Bequest: Most popular type of bequest. Designate a specific dollar amount (e.g. $25,000).

Percentage Bequest: Direct a percentage of your estate to Dickinson (e.g. 20 percent) so that as your estate value grows, so does your gift.

Residual Bequest: Specify portions or percentages to other recipients. Designate the rest—the residue—to go to Dickinson.

Sample Bequest Language:

“I give _____ (dollar amount, percentage or description of asset) to Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, to be used for general purposes of the college.”

Free Estate Planning Tool

Join fellow Dickinson supporters on Giving Docs, a safe, secure and free-for-life suite of estate plan essentials. If you choose to include Dickinson in your estate plans, you'll be eligible for legacy society benefits!

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