How to Give

Kevin Holleran '73


Kevin HolleranKevin Holleran ’73 isn’t interested in giving back. For this estate lawyer and longtime Dickinson supporter, including the college in his will is more about giving forward.

“I give because I want to, and the reason I want to is I think Dickinson is an interesting and important institution that’s worth supporting for the future.”

Having written his first will as a law student in his early 20s, Holleran’s interest in estate planning isn’t the only reason he sees planned giving as a good way to support the college. “I think Dickinson College can spend the money better than the government,” he says, noting the tax benefits of planned gifts. “By giving an IRA or making the gift come from an IRA, for instance, you can avoid taxes up front. Then because Dickinson is a nonprofit, it doesn’t have to pay income tax, all of which means your gift has a bigger impact.”