How to Give

Courtney Taylor Piron '89

Courtney Taylor PironCourtney Taylor Piron ’89 and her husband first thought of giving to Dickinson after the birth of their first child. “I guess having a son made us think of our own mortality,” says Piron. “All of our family members are in decent financial status, so we thought, why not give back to causes that will benefit society?”

By using a contingent will stipulating that Dickinson and several charities receive a significant portion of her estate if her children do not survive her husband and her, Piron was able to plan for Dickinson’s future and her family’s future at the same time.

Now a mother of two, Piron may not seem like the typical planned-giving donor, but she sees this as a perfect time in her life to designate a gift for the college in her estate. “When people are in the beginning or middle stage of their careers, they often aren’t very liquid, so this actually makes a lot of sense,” she explains. “It’s a way to say that one day when I do have a sizeable estate, I think Dickinson is important enough to give a significant gift to.”