Alan Fleishman '61

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Alan FleishmanAfter a decades-long career as a medical marketing consultant and an executive with Fortune 500 companies, Alan Fleishman '61 knows a good opportunity when he sees one. When Alan learned about using a charitable gift annuity (CGA) as a way to make a larger-than-anticipated gift for his 50th Reunion, he was intrigued. "Once I realized a CGA would issue guaranteed, annual income to me and my wife Ann for the rest of our lives, and that the process is so simple, it was an easy decision," Fleishman explains.

Fleishman met Ann while he was serving as an army officer in a tank battalion in Germany, before he began his corporate career. Now retired from the business world, Fleishman has found a new calling as an author. His first novel, Goliath's Head, reached the 12th position on Amazon's list of hot new historical-fiction.

A resident of the San Francisco Bay area, Fleishman recently returned to campus to talk with students about both his corporate career and the experience of researching and writing his novel. "Re-connecting with Dickinson has been wonderful," he says. "It's exciting to see how engaged the students are." He also returned for his 50th reunion celebration, calling it "one of life's sweet moments."

Fleishman seems just as pleased with his CGA, which was so easy to arrange he urges others to consider it. "It's a simple, two-page agreement between us and the college," he explains. "It's very satisfying to make a significant gift to Dickinson and know exactly what our income will be each year, for the rest of both of our lives. And, because I used appreciated stock to make the gift, the tax savings were even more significant than they would have been had I used cash. I'd encourage everyone to consider a CGA with Dickinson."